WPPI 2014 & A Full Year of Animoto Pro Giveaway!

Tamara Lackey —  February 24, 2014

WPPI 2014 & Animoto Pro Giveaway

I had to check my journals to confirm that the first year I went to WPPI in Las Vegas was, in fact, in Spring of 2005. That vaguely struck me as a while ago, until I used all the fingers on both my hands to realize that this year, 2014, will be my TENTH time at WPPI. Year Ten, Wow.  A lot, lot, lot has happened in that time – about 15 different journals’ worth, to be exact. My experience at WPPI has continued to become more significant, and this year is now bigger than ever.  In this post, I’ll share an overview of where I’ll be while there AND I’ll get to offer you an Animoto Pro video creation subscription GIVEAWAY, right now, valued at $249.  We will be giving it away to one lucky commenter on this blog, just share your thoughts per notes at the end of this post -> and this subscription will to be gifted to one of you by this Thursday, February 27th.

Tamara Lackey, WPPI 2014, Nikon, Nations Photo Lab, Animoto, Adorama, Animoto Pro Giveaway

When I first went to WPPI, I not only went solo, but I didn’t know a soul there either.  I pulled out the amazing seminar schedule and the omg-it’s-all-in-one-place Expo map and spent hours lining up the four days I would spend there. Then I went from program to program to program to program to program, finally leaving on a redeye home, barely able to sleep – not even because of the dreaded night flight but because of my palpable excitement about all I’d learned.


Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 1.59.44 PM


This year, I am sure I’ll still be learning.  I was lucky enough to be asked to speak in 2009 at WPPI and have returned to teach a brand new program each year.  This year is no exception.  So, without further ado, my schedule:

Friday, February 28th, at 12pmOpening up WPPI U with my newly-created presentation “reDefining Your Photography Path”, which includes references to some specific, enormously helpful advice from my reDefine Show. Check out the entire WPPI U lineup for all the other great speakers who will be presenting & doing hands-on workshops!

Saturday, March 1st – Sunday, March 2nd 8am – 6pm – Portrait Judging for a very packed Print Competition.
If you are interested in improving your ability to shoot, process, and deliver images, sitting in on one of these print competitions is a fantastic way to do that.  I’ve judged at WPPI a couple of times before, and it makes for very long days for the judges, but it’s an incredible amount of information to soak up for those who watch the judging.  Heck, for all of us.  It’s completely free for those who are attending WPPI.

Monday, March 3rd, at 8:30amMy Platform Presentation!  I’m very excited about this one.  I just built it from scratch (“just” meaning over the course of months ; ).  It’s entitled “The Top 10 Ways To Create Real Profit in Your Portrait Business”.  The program is about merging the meaningfulness of your work, your love for your photography and your clients, with the serious need to be able to not just stay in business, but thrive doing work you love, which only helps you do it that much better.  I built it to contains loads of practical tips.  If you haven’t already, make sure you pre-board for this program. Oh, and there will be lot of really sweet giveaways during the program, too.
Love. The. Giveaways.

HUGE THANKS to Nations Photo Lab – they are sponsoring this presentation AND offering a $50 gift code to anyone who hasn’t used their gorgeous print services yet.  Simply use “TAMARA50” as a promo code to receive these $50 toward any of their products.  If you are already a Nations Photo Lab customer, you’re not to be left out – you can use “TAMARA40PRINTS” to receive 40% off any prints, and that is ON TOP of any existing sales. That was upwards of 80% off at one point last week, so definitely check this out to print your work and keep more profits.  Both codes expire April 1, 2014 – use ROES ordering system for the promo code to work!  And if you’re not already familiar with them, check out this very fun walkthrough of their lab I got to take recently.

Tamara Lackey, WPPI 2014, Nikon, Nations Photo Lab, Animoto, Adorama, Nations Photo Lab Tour, Animoto Pro Giveaway

Also grateful to Adorama, easily my favorite photography store – I’ll be joining up with them several times throughout the week (see below), and they’ll be giving away some very cool gifts.  And if you’ve ever asked what I have in my camera bag, you can check out this page on their site for all the details.

The big giveaway on this particular post is from Animoto Pro, giving away a $249 Full Year of Animoto Pro to one lucky commenter on this blog.  I just made my 800 millionth video using their ridiculously-easy-to-use software.  I love that the same companies that sponsor me are ones whose products & services I not only use constantly in my studio but think so highly of because they are REALLY GOOD STUFF.  This Animoto subscription will save you time and money and make your work look even better.  You can also use the promo code “tamara” to get $50 off a full year, if you don’t win it here.  So go use that goodness.

Lastly, big love to Nikon.  I have been very grateful to partner with them on multiple projects this year, and I’ll be part of an incredible forum on Tuesday, at 2pm, details below, as well as shooting live for them at the expo and deconstructing some images I have shot using their equipment.

Monday, March 3rd at 1:15pmPhotographing Children LIVE at Nikon Theater, on the Expo Floor. I’ve never done this before, photographed children on a small stage during an expo.  Goodness knows what will happen, so come see the educational madness!

Monday, March 3rd at 2:30pmLive Q&A with Adorama, on the Expo Floor – we will be answering questions live and Adorama will be doing a lot of giveaways during these sessions.

Monday, March 3rd 4pm – 6pmreDefine Show chats.  I’ll be interviewing Jerry Ghionis, Peter Hurley and Dixie Dixon for future reDefine Show episodes.

Tuesday, March 4th at 1pmLive Q&A with Adorama, on the Expo Floor, more questions, more answers, more giveaways!

Tuesday, March 4th at 2pm – 3:30pm – Nikon Theater Presents:  Live.  Work.  Succeed.  A Women’s Forum for Entrepreneurial Photographers.  
I will be joining the fabulous Bambi Cantrell and Dixie Dixon as part of a forum specifically addressing the experiences/challenges of women in the photography industry – along with SOLUTIONS, as each of us have different career goals, family life concerns & are working across different genres – portraits, weddings, and fashion.  The forum will be moderated by Photofocus/Framed Network’s Melissa Niu (who I just did an interview with on the subject of work/life balance).

Tamara Lackey, Nikon, WPPI 2014, women entrepreneurs, photography, work life balance


Wednesday, March 5th at 10:15am – Photographing Children LIVE at Nikon Theater, on the Expo Floor. Assuming all survived the first shoot, we’re going to do it again – and see how far we can push this.

Wednesday, March 5th at 12pm –  Live Q&A with Adorama, on the Expo Floor, all your questions will be answered and giveaways will be gotten.

No doubt WPPI is quite the whirlwind, but it’s a friendly, high-energy, education-packed one, and I sincerely hope to see you there.  In the meantime, share some thoughts on your experience with WPPI, what you plan to take in if going, and any smart comments on photography (yeah, that’s right, they have to be smart) in the comments below, and we’ll pick a winner for the $249 Animoto Pro Giveaway and give you your prize on Thursday, February 27th.  Best of luck!




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  1. I’ve only been to WPPI once, a couple of years ago, but it was an amazing experience. I was hoping to make it this year but it’s just not in the cards. Still, there is so much available to learn from. If you can make it to town, but not pay for the full conference pass, at least get the Expo pass. There are classes held all the time on the expo floor where you can learn from some great teachers (such as Tamara).

    Another piece of advice is to attend at least one session outside of your comfort zone. For example, attend a video class even if you don’t shoot video. You’d be surprised at what you can learn.

    One bit of advice I have for all photographers is before you break the rules, make sure you learn them.

  2. I would live to come to WPPI!

  3. For me is a pleasure to attend for the first time. Been developing my business in Costa Rica for the past 3 years, now is time to go out and meet lots of nice photographers in the one place and like me, they struggle each day to overcome the business turnarounds.
    This an awesome opportunity to meet the greatest from the industry, from photographers to vendors. And why not, take home some good ideas, new friends and more passion to do my work.

  4. This will be my first year at WPPI. I’m a Las Vegas resident and can’t believe I have never heard of it before! Trying to balance the care of 6 kids with attending all the stuff I want to attend should be interesting to say the least. Looking forward to seeing you speak.

    • Emily, I thought I was juggling a lot with 3 kids & 3 dogs! I think you’ll definitely want to attend the Women’s Forum at Nikon Theater on Expo floor on Tuesday at 2pm, there’s a lot on photography but also a big work/life component to it.

  5. So excited for WPPI. Hoping to get to meet you at your platform class!!

  6. Oh I wish I could go to WPPI this year. I am hoping to go next year, and if so… I know I will want to get into as many classes as possible.

    And congrats to you on your 10th year there! That is awesome!

  7. This year will be my first year attending WPPI. I’ve been wanting to go for a while and now I finally have the time and resources to go. I’ll be going solo like your first time Tamara and hopefully I can make at least one friend. I’ve gone to photoshop world before but haven’t had the chance to make a friend. I’ll definitely be checking out a couple of your classes Tamara and I am definitely looking forward to your Monday 8:30 class. That’s the class I am looking forward to out of all of them because I need to start making a profit to stay in business and so far I haven’t been able to. Looking forward to getting inspired!

  8. My first year was a day-long class with David Beckstead with my sad little Canon Rebel xti. I came away with some fun images, sore legs from all the walking and determination to take myself and my craft more seriously. Each year I go by myself – it’s kind of my photo retreat. I meet new people and it’s really nice to meet those I’ve followed in the last few years. Last year Dane Sanders had to talk me down from the ledge on Coverge after WPPI. LOL WPPI is enormously motivating and you can learn sooo much – it can be quite overwhelming. I am unable to make it this year, but plan to join y’all next year. Your talk last year was great. Hang in there with that ridiculously busy schedule you have!!!

    • Hah, Cathleen – sore legs, yes! Good for Dane, talking you down from the ledge, I hear your on the overwhelmingness. Thanks for your kind words : )

  9. This will be my first WPPI. Where have you been! Very fortunate to have “discovered” it. This is a new context/field of photography for me. I was planning on soloing, but was and surprised and energized when a good friend decided quickly to come also. Then I “jumped off the cliff without a parachute,” and signed up for WPPI’s first filmmaking class, after confirming that all levels are welcome. It seems that the people who make WPPI happen, like Tamara here, are welcoming and committed to sharing their experience and expertise — with a lot of heart. I am very much looking forward to a great event, including Tamara’s presentations, with one old friend and many new friends! — p.s. I highly suggest that attendees download the WPPI 2014 app for the smart phone. I just found out about it and it’s amazingly functional. It’s already helping me to plan strategically, and get to all the great classes and speakers like Tamara. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  10. Brandi Corriveau February 25, 2014 at 1:30 am

    I’ve never been to WPPI. It sure does sound like a whirlwind! Maybe next year?

  11. Awesome! This will also be my first WPPI experience. While not in business, I am a super enthusiastic, professional amateur. Looking forward to learning and exploring new topics/subjects/products, meeting new people…and escaping the MN cold!

  12. Dear Tamara, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent work and all the information you share with other photographers. It is really inspiring to read your books or to watch videos of your presentations and talks – and of course to watch your photos! I would LOVE to visit a workshop with you! However, I am from Germany and that makes it a looong way ;-). Do you plan to come to Europe in the near to middle future??? 🙂

  13. Thanks for your insight on WPPI! I went to WPPI-U 2 years ago & enjoyed the speakers.

  14. Oh this is such a fantastic read! It is a major wish & goal to attend WPPI next year… hope to see ya there! Thank you for all the awesome info & inspiration… AND sweet giveaway! xx

  15. I can only dream of attending. Thank you for all your sharing.

  16. Wow, I didn’t realize all the stuff I was missing by not considering going. I will need to do some planning to make it next year. Sounds like you are really busy. I love the DVD I have of your training.

  17. This will be my first WPPI and I’m excited to see and meet people whose classes I’ve watched on CreativeLive and read about this year.

    I can’t wait and I would also love to win the Animoto giveaway!

  18. Jyoti Suravarjula February 26, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    Heyy Tamara,

    I just wanted to say one thing… could you disable the commenting right after my comment and then give the ‘giveaway’ to the last commenter??

    (Shhh… I am not saying give it to me in so many words.)

  19. I’ve never been to WPPI but hope to in the future!

  20. Wow, now that is amazing!!

  21. Wish I could come to WPPI! About to have baby #3… just a wee bit unable to make it this year. But looking forward to hearing you speak in the future and virtually! 🙂

  22. I’m excited for the chance! I used it a few times but got away from it – I’d love to go back

  23. I have never been to WPPI but its definitely on my wish list! I think it would be such an amazing learning experience! Thanks for the chance to win a year of Animoto Pro…I love making little videos for my clients!

  24. Haven’t been to WPPI. We are a newer company and I would love to go some day!

  25. I would love to win A year of Animoto Pro…. I am addicted to them and pay for their cheap package…

  26. AHHHHHHH I would die! I’ve been wanting this for far too long! Thanks for the wonderful contest!

  27. Love a chance to win 🙂

  28. Great post! One of these days I need to get down to wppi!
    I’d love to win a years subscription to animoto! I tried it for a month and loved it!

  29. This will be my first year going to WPPI – and I am so excited. And nervous. And excited. And a little anxious about figuring out dress code. But really mostly excited!

  30. I love Animoto. I know how much it could help my business. Pick me pick me!

  31. I am very excited for WPPI this year. I can’t wait to see you and learn from everyone there.

  32. I was at WPPI in 2012 so glad I got to see you speak and have wished to be back every year since!

  33. Would love the opportunity to attend WPPI, meet you (I’m just down the road in Raleigh) and win a year of Animoto! Crossing my fingers for all three to come true one day!

  34. I’d love to top your 800 million

  35. Would love a chance to win this prize.

  36. I would love a year of Animoto!!

  37. I would absolutely love the opportunity to win a full year of Animoto. Thank you!! I have long admired their product but resources have been a little tight.

  38. Never been to WPPI but wished I was going. Maybe next year (X fingers crossed).

  39. I would love to have a year of animoto…I always wanted to try it. WPPI…is a dream to go and see so many photographers I admired for a while…

  40. I have this AMAZING story about this AMAZING woman who I got to meet in person for the first time at WPPI. It goes a little something like this.

    Me: Hi! I’m Michael Montalto!
    Her: Hi! It’s so good to finally meet you.
    Me: *Crickets chirping*
    Her: So how are you doing?!
    Me: I’m .. well (but I’m actually really REALLY tired)
    Her: …..OK Great!
    Me: *Staring blankly* I gotta go now.

    Don’t worry though, we had a chance to revisit the opportunity for a meet and greet later in a more appropriate and meaningful way. Mum is the word on who this pretty amazing woman might be though. *wink*


    PS: If I happen to win, please give it to someone else and pass the story along.

  41. Never been to WPPI but I wished I was going :'( Maybe next year (X fingers crossed)

  42. <3 <3 <3 Animoto <3 <3 <3

  43. I have so much to learn both with photography and the business side of things! Would love to make the treck over to the US (from Australia) for WPPI one day, when I finally go full time at it that will be one of my goals!!!

  44. I would love to follow you around WPPI. I have never been but hope to go one year soon. Love Animoto.

  45. I love Animoto! I have been using them for about 4 years now and it has changed how I do business. I don’t know what I would do without them.

  46. Can’t wait! This will be my 4th year and I’m still just as excited as the first time.

  47. wow ..thats just cool …nice to get chance to win this prize.

  48. Thanks for sharing your WPPI plans. My husband and I are regulars, and it’s always nice to know what’s going on while we’re there. But most importantly looking forward to seeing all my photog friends from around the world and meet new ones! Looking forward to hopefully seeing you there. Will definitely try to check out your live session with the kids. Should be interesting! Oh, and hope I win me some Animoto love. 🙂

  49. Would love!! I do homecoming videos and mid deployment photos hoots/videos for military families, usually for free- so this would be AWESOME!

  50. So sad I won’t be able to make it to WPPI this year however I did submit to the 16×20 print comp for the first time! Was hoping I would be able to make it to see the judging! Next year I guess!

  51. Sounds like a great lineup! I would love to try to make it to WPPI. Maybe next year! 🙂

  52. One day I’ll be there! I’ll make sure of that. And when I do go, I sure do hope you’re presenting Tamara! Have some fun there for me!

    And oh boy…Animoto. I’ve been saving my pennies as I have just started in person sales and Animoto Pro is next on my list to purchase. Such a great service for the technically-challenged like myself.

  53. Animoto is a game changer … I had the opportunity last year to use it as a surprise for a wedding customer, they were expecting their ceremony photos and they got also a video … one that ended up being more powerful than any online album design I could have ever made.

  54. Would love to win this giveaway.

  55. Oh to be able to attend WPPI! I’ll settle for the Anime Pro subscription though 🙂

  56. I would love to go to WPPI someday, Just hearing an over view of your classes makes me really want to go. I’m going to have to save up for next year that’s for sure.

  57. Fantastic! I would love a year of animoto. See you all at wppi

  58. I would LOVE to go to WPPI!!! I heard about it too late this year to attend, but look forward to next year. The Animoto Pro subscription would be amazing as I get going with my new business. 🙂

  59. Thankful for all that you share with us, Tamara! Hope you have a wonderful time at WPPI this year.

  60. I love animoto and out of all of their designs, your is my go to for nearly all of my presentations! Sime, clean and elegant forcing the focus on the images! My parents and coues ooh and ahhh everytime they come in and sit for their ordering session! Animoto really has an impact on orders that all photographers should be incorporating and need to experience for themselves! Thanks to both you and animoto!

  61. this would so help us out on saving some much needed money and help us serve our clients better.

  62. My first time at WPPI was 100% an accident.
    I live on the east coast and I just started diving into the photography world having just attended at work shop at the Maine media workshops.
    I had just purchased a canon 5d….at the time it was pretty snazzy. The manual was very usful except it never explained where are the cool kids hang out. I realized quickly that your stripes are earned slowly.
    I was on vacation in Vegas at Mandalay bay. Upon check in I noticed people walking around with reusable bags labeled with varying photo brands. I didn’t think anything of it until it was quite obvious something was going on. I was on a mission to find out where these people were going to or coming from.
    I then stumbled upon the expo. I was beyond excited and overwhelmed. I dragged my husband all around….filing my own bag!
    I saw all of the workshops going on and was sad that I was not there to participate.
    Fast forward….Two kids later I haven’t been back since. I attend photo plus in NYC every year and hope to make it to Vegas next year….to be an official attendee and not just a kid looking through the glass of a candy store.

    Enjoy your time!
    P.S. Aminoto rocks. One of my first loves!

  63. Animoto is the best I love it.. My membership just ran out so I love to win it so I can make great videos again for my clients..! YouTube is the way to go what’s better to use animoto to put a movie on..!

  64. Can only dream of going to WPPI! Love Animoto too!

  65. How fun! I would love to make it to WPPI someday. My first conference was at I Heart Faces this past fall. Wish I was there to hear you speak again, Tamara!

  66. for those lucky enough to go this year – MEET people! i learned as much in lineups to speakers as i did listening to the actual speakers! and thx Tamara – Animoto is a gem of a tool – drool!!! 😉

  67. Falling in love with photography is the smartest thing I’ve ever done! I would love to add Animoto Pro to my skillset!

  68. animoto will be a good adition to our arsenal of tools that can add great value to the experience we give to our talents hope we win!

  69. Never been to WPPI, but it’s on my to-do list once I’m able to do photography full-time (husband is disabled, so we’re a one-income household). Sounds like a great way to network, learn tips for running a successful photography business and meet great vendors.

    My tip – be yourself! Don’t try to copy other people’s work. It’s okay to gain inspiration from someone, but don’t set out to mimic them. Do something creative/unique that makes you stand out from the rest.

  70. Nothing beats, sharing images a day after the wedding via #animoto… the response I receive from everyone is overwhelming. So, happy to have chosen Animoto as my choice to incoprporte slide shows, and videos in my business… and creative process! Thank you!

  71. One more thing.. WPPI – Will change YOUR life.. This is my second solid year.. and I have literally {nearly] moved mountains… to be there for 4 days! Nothing compares to this incredible experince. I have endured 2 crosscountry moves in less than 8 months [so, expensive].. and now, back home in NC and I could not be more grateful to be able to be in Vegas this year.. everyone.. all the photographers, the educators.. the inspirations that allow me embrace.. the new beginning after having an established market and moving and coming back [exhausting] but all worth it. Cannot wait to see Tamara and everyone that makes this industry so amazing~

  72. Next year I am going to be there!!!!!!!!!!! Thinking if I use Animoto , that in of itself could give me the edge to have the funds to attend!

  73. great opportunity. thanks for offering

  74. Hey there! I’m really bummed I won’t be making it to WPPI this year after the last two years in which I had the most amazing experiences connecting with the industry and learning so much! It’s exhausting and overwhelming and more inspiring than I had thought possible. Find the photographers that you look up to and just say hello! I made so many great connections and laughed constantly! Next year, I’m definitely going to be back!


  75. Someday I’ll be able to attend one of these conferences but for now I’ll just have to watch from afar. 🙁
    Winning something like this could put a big boost into the tiny business that I’d love to expand into so much more. I have such big dreams but so little time and resources. I’m not giving up though – I’ll get there !! 🙂

  76. I love animoto, it makes the workflow easier.

  77. I wish I was going! One day I will get to attend this amazing event; one day…

  78. I would love to be attending WPPI, but it’s just not in the cards this year, hopefully next year. I’m just opening my business this year after portfolio building for a bit and I’ve heard nothing but positives about Animoto. Good luck with all your talks!

  79. Animoto is my favorite platform to make videos! Now I need a business account 🙂

    Wish I could go to WPPI and learn from you once again, you’re such an inspiration and with your many talks helped me to manage my family and my business.

  80. I have used only the Animoto on a trial basis but love how easy it is so easy to use!

  81. I’ve used Animoto few times and definitely love it! I have also assisted to Tamara’s workshop last year in Pasadena, CA and totally love her work, style, teaching and personality!

  82. I have used Animoto before in the past and loved it! I would love to win this!

  83. I hope to meet you in Vegas, I’m so ready to leave the cold behind in Chicago. Winning this prize would be awesome for the continue growth of my business.

  84. Love your work, Tamara! Hope to meet you someday…. please keep on sharing and inspiring us! 🙂

  85. Regrettably, due to living in Europe it’s infeasible for me to join this year but I keep hearing about this conference so much on CreativeLIVE that I do hope to actually come in the next few years if my business grows enough to allow for that kind of expense (and I sure hope it does!) 🙂 I’d love to soak in that creative atmosphere! Plus, it would be a great excuse for a trip to see the US anyway 😉

  86. It would be wonderful to win a year of Animoto pro!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  87. Love WPPI! So incredibly inspiring and action packed! Love the energy and focus of the classes and of couse the trade show! My first WPPI was in 2010 and I was forever changed. I took your class and have been forever greatful for your perspective and inspiration. It was, and continues to be, fresh and real. WPPI helped guide me to build my business and to continue to challenge myself in photography to capture my love of my own family and also for others. As a military family, we move a lot, but we have again been moved back to the Las Vegas area, and I am thrilled to attend again this year! I am already preboarded for your class! Can’t wait!

  88. Everything about animoto is awesome! (Just like the LEgo song)

    Would be awesome to win a subscription to animoto! 😀

    Everything is awesome about Tamara Lackey too!

  89. From all that I’ve heard and seen about animoto, I can’t wait to incorporate that into my business. Hope I win, but if not I will definitely be using them in the future.

  90. Thank you Tamara for sharing the abounding information on WPPI and the vendors that help with making the photographers dream come real each and every day with their great products. Your enlightening blog gave an excellent view of this years WPPI and added more incentive to those unfortunate to not make it this year to definitely find a way to get to WPPI 2015. An added bonus to your blog is the gracious gift of Animoto Pro to one lucky recipient and for that I am very hopeful and thankful. So, thank you Tamara for the great information and the sharing of your schedule and photography’s bountiful contributors (NIKON, Adorama and Nations Photo Labs). Good luck to all.

  91. Searching for a place to call home and will have my website by this weekend and it would be AWESOME to have animoto as I start up my new web page. I’d love to be “the chosen one” lol
    Enjoy the conference if there were a bit more funds in the budget, I’d say hello on person. We’ll have to make is some other time.

  92. I simply love reading your blog and the inspiration gained by your expertise in this area. I am looking forward to WPPI and running into the many masters and creators of photography. Animoto pro would be a valuable tool in weaving the photographic stories of everyone I have the pleasure of photographing therefore, I hope that I get the chance of being the lucky recipient of this gift. Thank you for sharing and have a great time at WPPI.

  93. Hi there,
    Well done and all your achievements. My wife absolutely adores you and the info and tidbits you share is extremely valuable. If I could sponsor her to go to the US for WPPI it would’ve been great. We are however in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.

    Hope you have a great time at WPPI.

    Best regards,

    Johann Smith

  94. You are one of the main reasons i am going to wppi!! I had the opportunity to meet you at pdn in new your but i have never been to wppi! Look forward to seing you there!!

  95. I have heard so many good things about Animoto but its a huge investment.. I am barely investing on my website, hired a designer.. And that why i am looking forward to your plattaform class to help me improve my business! I think mexico lacks a lot of culture to value photography, and i want my work to be appreciated.. Thanks for your books and all the inspiration you share!

  96. Rebecca Benincosa February 27, 2014 at 7:10 am

    I went to WPPI in 2011. It was such an intense and inspiring experience. I’m pretty sure I packed just about as much as I could in those few days there. My favorite speaker was definitely Tamara! She’s not only enthusiastic and energetic but also inspiring and encouraging.
    My advice for those going this year- soak it in, fully immerse yourself but take some time to catch your breath too. Try to take care of yourself while you’re there. Just because it’s Las Vegas doesn’t mean you have to party like a rockstar (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
    Listen, learn and enjoy yourself; meet new people and then make a plan for what you’re going to do after you go home.
    Sadly I’m unable to attend this year. It would be amazing to hear all of Tamara’s new talks at this year’s WPPI. You are in for a treat if you’ve never seen her before.
    By the way, I LOVE ANIMOTO! Seriously awesome company!

  97. I wish I was going to be there! It is on my bucket list. It sounds like this year is going to be amazing. I’d love to be in your classes!

  98. Great post, as always! Wish I could come to the WPPI this year but we moved to Europe so it will have to wait.
    Thank you for all you do, Tamara!

  99. What an amazing schedule! I know you’re going to do great since you always bring it! What I would give to hear your voice creep up into that “child friendly” octave for the live children events. Thank you so much for always helping us learn how to better pictures (generally and then with slight posing tweaks) and for being transparent of your best practices. will always be a fan, good luck at wppi, I know you knock their socks off!

  100. WPPI is on my wish list! I can only imagine the inspiration that comes from being in one place with so many creative and inspiring people.

  101. As a birth photographer, I would LOVE to win this!

  102. I wish I would live closer, I am from Europe so WPPI would be a project I can not take on right now, I hope someday. I am really a bit jealous to you American photographers for such amazing show and all the incredible speakers you have a change to hear live.
    Something smart about photography? I dont know if I heard it or I thought of it but Photography for me is the art of self expression. You always put yourself into it.
    Have a great WPPI experience everyone!

  103. Tamara your photography and teaching is awesome! Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts with the World 🙂

  104. Congratulation Tamara!!!! God Bless and wish you the best. I love how you share you passion and how you manage your time. I have two toddlers and I just established my photography business. It’s very hard. TWO THUMBS UP for your success! YOU ARE REALLY MY INSPIRATION.

  105. I said it before but you are gonna need one BIG bottle of wine after this week! It sounds like a pile of fun work though. If you layover in Phoenix, I’ll happily treat you to a glass, or two 😉 Enjoy your time with all of those amazing photographers and companies!

  106. I’ve been wanting to go to WPPI for a few years now but it is way out of my comfort zone. I’m one of those people that needs their hand held to try something new. There’s hope though! I reached out to a local photographer and we hit it of right away! Maybe next year I’ll have someone to go with. 🙂

    As for Animoto … I’ve been thinking a lot about getting it. I just started implementing in person ordering and I think starting off with a video would be great! I put their pictures in a gallery 7 days before the session and this would be something new they could watch when they come in to order. Plus, my last two sessions I took a couple quick videos but I’ve yet to do anything with them. I think I could add them to the animoto video, right?

    Anyway, have a wonderful time at WPPI. I’ll look for you next year!

  107. Such an inspiration Tamara. I have been following your work for a couple of years now – in reading that you said your first WPPI was in 2005 – you have come so far in such a short amount of time. I’m relatively new to wedding photography myself and just today spent hours and hours looking at the different slideshow options for my clients. I currently make simple Lightroom slideshows but thinking that I should step it up a notch and go for Animoto Pro and then – just when I was about to decide I saw your post! I’d love to go with Animoto pro but afraid it may be too much of an investment right now. This would be a huge game changer for me this year and I’d be so lucky! Hoping to get to WPPI next year – and learn more from our industry colleagues. Thanks so much!

  108. This looks like Christmas for photographers only difference is you wouldn’t mind if it came more often than once a year!
    Tamara, you inspire so many and I love your animoto pro collection, they are by far my favourite ones.
    I hope to make it for my first WPPI and soak in all the creative goodness on offer.

  109. Doreen Sutcliffe February 27, 2014 at 9:12 pm

    Thanks so much for this wonderful give away and I would love to win… admire your work so much. Would love the opportunity to use Animoto for my children and teen photography, but it is a luxury at this time. My kids are both adopted from Russia and so you and I have something in common. They are older now, 20 and 16!! But I adopted them when they were little babies!! 😉 Thanks so much for all your inspiration and sharing your craft. I have purchased your class on creative live and read your family book. Best to you, and thanks again!!

  110. I hadn’t realized the first time I attended WPPI and was inspired by your class that it was the first time you spoke. Happy 10th WPPI! Thanks for sharing all you do! 🙂

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