Photography Contests: Winners!

Tamara Lackey —  April 15, 2014

Photography Contests

A huge congratulations to all who entered the Best Emerging Photographer Photography Contest, hosted by Nations Photo Lab and myself.  We have named our winners!!  There was a great deal of talent and inspiration in this gallery, with over a thousand entries – we truly enjoyed viewing all your creative work.

A big CONGRATS to the following:

1st Place/Best Emerging Photographer: Maria F Bay

photography contests, nations photo lab, tamara lackey, contest winners

2nd Place: Dollface Photo

photography contests, nations photo lab, tamara lackey, contest winners

3rd Place: Jane Brown & Co

photography contests, nations photo lab, tamara lackey, contest winners

And an Honorable Mention: Shannon Porter Photography

photography contests, nations photo lab, tamara lackey, contest winners


Winners, please email Ashley at Nations Photo Lab to redeem your lovely prizes!

If you did not win this time, as a big THANK YOU, Nations Photo Lab is lending a small prize to each and every one of you who submitted. Simply click on this form to enter your contact information and access your prize details.

We so enjoyed this one – there will be more contests coming up, check out both Nations Photo Lab and Tamara Lackey on Facebook for announcements for the next one!

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19 responses to Photography Contests: Winners!

  1. Congratulations to the winners, your art is stunning and awe inspiring!

  2. I can’t believe I won!! This is so exciting! Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate!! I am a huge Tamara fan and this is unreal!!

  3. Congratulations, Maria!!

  4. I don’t quite subscribe to the photoshop image that wins, but the two others are lovely! Congrats to all who won and participated!

  5. Maria your image is beautiful, but saying that, its hard to be believe that could be considered a photograph.

    • Yes I have to agree with this. Is obviously a Photoshop composition. But there were no specific rules. It will be great if you can share Maria how you came to this images. Anyways congrats to all, winners or no,we all are winners by doing such a wonderful work.

  6. Sorry Mariela, the contest was for photography not filter effects. The beginning of the contest requested 5 photographs, which I’m sure some assumed the skill of the photographer would be judged across all 5 photos.

  7. Congrats to the winners – everything looked phenomenal !!

    Could the judges perhaps give us a glimpse into the “why” for the winning selections? Just curious what they saw and what made them choose these. Tons of great entries btw !!

  8. Hi, all – Given that this initial contest (there will be more) was exactly that, a first, we very much wanted it to be a wide open competition. That means it was open to all genres and styles – weddings, family, boudoir, babies, children, newborns, sports, landscapes, illustrative, composites, editorial, commercial, insert-your-style-here, really alllllll.
    I have judged a variety of international competitions, and I know the importance of judging like against like – given the amount of entries, we will probably look to create different tracks going forward. But, in this case, we wanted the contest to be completely wide open, with very little restriction, and we loved seeing all the results.

    And, of course, please note that the impact/skill/composition/pose of the photograph still had to be strong by itself, prior to compositing, in order for it to even be considered for placement. Thanks, again, to all who entered – and another hearty congratulations to the winners!!! : )

    • All right I’ll just blame the judges then. I’m not griping because I didn’t win, but because there was many more entries that were technically much better then the winners. How can you judge the integrity of the original when it has been completely filtered away.

      • This is not the place to make negative comments on any image, especially the winning images. It just comes off poorly regardless of how you mean it, and more importantly it takes away from the joy of the people chosen as the winning entries.

        • I appreciate your insight, Paul : )

        • I totally agree with Paul. Maria’s piece is beautiful and I have seen it in person. If there were no rules, then there were no rules. The contest was then left up to the artists interpretation and they could use whatever tools they wanted. I say congrats to all the winners. I look forward to other competitions.

  9. Proud to get the Honorable Mention! Even the slightest bit of recognition helps a creative mind. FWIW – the wedding photo above is basically SOOC. Fun contest to be a part of. Maybe next time! Thank you for the opportunity, Tamara.

    • I completely agree with you, Porter – I think appreciation matters to a soul, in its many forms. And I believe recognition matters to the artist, whether we recognize it or not ; )

  10. Awesome work, congratulations to you all.

  11. Some great photos! I love your sensilility for details. Following you.

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