Announcing the 2016 Tamara Lackey Three Day Portrait Photography Workshop in Chapel Hill, NC – October 4-6


I love teaching small group workshops for a whole bunch of good reasons, but honestly, the best one is the fact that I get to make friendships with the wonderful photographers who attend. We spend a very focused few days together as well as guaranteed one-on-one time with me and each participant, so by the end of the workshop, I truly feel close to them all.

Tamara-Lackey-2016-One-day-Workshop 5 Tamara-Lackey-2016-One-day-Workshop 8

I only do a few of these portrait photography workshops each year, and my last one of 2016 will be THIS OCTOBER 4th – 6th in Chapel Hill, NC (where our new studio is almost finished being built!) You can save your spot here* Note, we are limited to only 15 people.

Tamara-Lackey-2016-One-day-Workshop 3

I am so grateful for the wonderful feedback we have received from every workshop we have done (you can read tons and tons of them here) and quite look forward to this last one of 2016, especially during a rather beautiful time of year in North Carolina.

Tamara-Lackey-2016-One-day-Workshop 7

Ready to book? You can sign up online here.

Please feel free to reach out to our Sarah, our studio director, with any questions regarding booking, hotel, more detailed agenda, etc. at Hope to see you here!

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The Big Deal 2016 Photography Bundle – The Posing Playbook… for Kids Who Don’t Do Posing

The Big Deal 2016, Tamara Lackey Photography

Have you been interested in purchasing The Posing Playbook… for Kids Who Don’t Do Posing? Well for the next few days, until July 4, the Playbook is available as part of The Big Deal 2016 Photography Bundle. For only $99, the Playbook joins presets, files, and training from some of the best photo educators out there. The information in the bundle will help to kickstart a new photography business or bring your existing business to a new level.

I wanted to give you a preview of how the Posing Playbook can you help think of photographing children differently and give you some tips on how to pose children in a way that doesn’t seem like posing:

In photography, the goal of a pose is to flatter the subject. I think of it a bit differently when it comes to children, though.  For me, the objective of a pose with kids is to be able to show not just what they look like, but who they are. That means showing off their personality, through movement, expression and connection, and photographing a portrait that will be loved by those who love that child. One of the best tricks I suggest when it comes to photographing children?  Posing them without ever letting know.

Tamara-Lackey-Photography-2016-The-Big-Deal 1

Everything is connected to everything. 

When it comes to posing body parts, remember one, main essential rule: Quite literally, when it comes to body parts, everything is connected to everything, so when you shift the shoulders, you shift the neck and the spine and the arms – which means you can shift one body part in a playful way to achieve the end result you are seeking. With kids, I playfully ask them to lean one way – into the wind, for instance, or into a sibling – and then I simply shift my angle of shooting to lock in a more dynamic body positioning, so that I achieve the same result as if I had “posed” them by adjusting their shoulders.

Tamara-Lackey-Photography-2016-The-Big-Deal 3

Address parts of your subject as if they are separate from your subject. 

When photographing children, there is often much silliness involved, which is one of the major reasons I am so drawn to this genre. In traditional posing, there is a great deal of attention paid to the placement of the hands. The hands show a lot about how the subject is feeling, so it’s helpful to have them relaxed, with fingers slightly separated. With children, they are often fully engaged in whatever they are doing. It is not uncommon to have a child positioned in a great pose, unbeknownst to them, but still have their hands balled up as tightly as possible. When I see that, I will often ask kids to address their hands – like, “Can you please ask your left hand to make all the fingers go to sleep?” Most kids will play along, at least for a little while, and I always make sure to photograph the result I was looking for as soon as I see it. (Mostly because many kids will figure out what you’re doing and immediately re-clench their hands since they now know that’s what you don’t want).

Tamara-Lackey-Photography-2016-The-Big-Deal 5

Stay Connected with Your Subjects for The Entirety of The Shoot 

I make a point to shoot with the camera held away from my body rather often, so that I can keep the interaction going between me and my subject as much as possible. I have noticed that sometimes when you move a big black box in front of your face, you can effectively shut communication down – especially with younger kids. Often I will pull the camera right back to my eye when I see something I want to capture, but I will also photograph my subject with the camera held away from my face. They may be looking directly at me, but the look of the final shot can appear like the subject is looking off a bit, which can result in some dreamy, or quirky, expressions. Photographing with a wide angle lens, or between 24mm and 35mm focal length, is ideal for this technique, but you can still pull off a great look with longer lenses, too. It just may take you a bit more practice to lock in a strong focus and composition.

Tamara-Lackey-Photography-2016-The-Big-Deal 4

Focus on Expression 

Every single time I’m about to take a photograph, I look at the entire frame I am going to shoot, and I immediately consider what I can eliminate. The more I can remove from the shot, or the more I can declutter an image, the more striking the subject’s expression will be because viewers tend to hone right in on what matters. If that means I am physically moving things out of the way, changing the angle from which I’m shooting, or being sure to finish an image a bit more in post, then so be it. I am of the mindset that if it makes for a cleaner look and feel, I’m drawn to that. An uncluttered frame makes a big difference in how strong images can appear and how much impact it can have when it comes to focusing just on a subject’s expression.

Interested in learning more? Visit The Big Deal bundle here. But be sure to do it soon, as this package is only available for a limited time!

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Our first Beautiful Together US-based Project – Safe Showers for Homeless Youth

Beautiful Together, Running Works, Tamara Lackey

Our brand new Beautiful Together project, also our first full project based in the United States, is focused on working to improve the quality of life for impoverished youth in America – specifically, homeless youth who have recently cycled out of foster care and are struggling to find a home, a job, and a community.We are thrilled to be partnering with RunningWorks, as they expand their extraordinary, life-changing program with an additional focus on stopping the destructive cycle of homelessness.

One of the major things we have learned is that, as helpful as homeless shelters can be, it is often difficult for homeless youth to figure out life on the streets, to learn how shelters and feeding programs work, to get transportation to and from life-changing opportunities – and so much more. In order to break away, there needs to be access to something as simple as showers, the ability to get clean, to feel better, to stay healthy in unhealthy environments. This is difficult for homeless youth for many reasons – not just the long lines they share with adults but also repeatedly being part of environments where they may not be prepared to protect themselves as needed.

Some of the children RunningWorks assists are as young as 4 years old. Many are young teens who have left abusive or neglectful situations, a foster care system that repeatedly moved them from home to home (sometimes over ten times) for years, or they are simply kids who have made a mistake and now face the overwhelmingly daunting cycle of poverty.

We would like to supply Running Works with a set of private, portable showers and a generous supply of toiletries and towels, as well as some much-needed bus passes, so they can not only offer homeless youth showers on site, but they can also move the showers with them as they continue to grow as an organization. You can donate directly this effort here.

This relatively simple thing – clean, safe showers for homeless youth – offers them not only the dignity that we all deserve, but the opportunity to stay healthy and have the best opportunity to present themselves in a way that can dramatically change their lives. RunningWorks operates on the mentality that sometimes you need to love people before they can love themselves and you need to believe in people before they believe in themselves. We love that. We believe in that.

We sat down with Meredith Dolhare, the Executive Director of RunningWorks, to hear to learn about the organization and the project. You can hear more in the video below – yes, it’s a whopping 19 minutes, but it really breaks down the cause and effect of aging out of foster care at such a young age and why the correlation between that life experience and homelessness is so strong.

We are hoping to make a small but meaningful dent in all the obstacles that stand between these kids and a better life. Please visit our project page to donate directly to this fund – and/or please consider sharing this with others who can help!

Beautiful Together, Running Works, Tamara Lackey

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Adorama Sunday Family Funday 2016 – June 5th on 18th Street in NYC


This Sunday, I’ll be returning to the Adorama Sunday Family Funday Street Fair! This is the sixth year for this festive celebration, as Adorama shuts down 18th Street and puts on quite the show.


Adorama Sunday Family Funday, Tamara Lackey Photography


Like in previous years, I’ll be doing a live shoot, as well as a presentation, at 1pm, joining all these other great presenters – and football stars! – for a great day of food, photography, and prize-winning (like, seriously. very generous prize-winning). Speaking of the “hometown” football love from some select New York Giants Players. I am apparently also on the hook with my son to return with a signed autograph and photo with Odell Beckham Jr and am told I should take that far more seriously than any of the other stuff I’ll be doing in New York. So there’s that. And even though it’s obviously not nearly as important, here is an overview of my program:




You can find a lot more information about the entire Adorama Sunday Family Funday 6th Annual Street Fair here:

And you can register for my free talk and live shoot here, via eventbrite.

There will also be a few other GREAT photographers and presenters speaking at the street fair, too, like Al Espinosa, Miguel Quiles, David Bergman, and Daniel Norton.

Hope to see you there!


Adorama Sunday Family Funday, Tamara Lackey Photography



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Effective Immediately – 50% of Lush Albums proceeds now to go directly to Beautiful Together!

A very exciting shift for Lush Albums and Beautiful Together! As many of you know, we started our Beautiful Together non-profit to work to improve the quality of life for children waiting for families and those living in extreme poverty. One steady source of funds to support our projects have come from the sale of Lush Albums, our gorgeous fine art photo albums that have given 10% back to Beautiful Together since day one.

But we definitely knew we could do better.

So, Fundy Software Inc, the magic design engine behind these albums, and I decided that we could do MORE with the sale of these albums. Like, a whole lot more. So, effective immediately, FIFTY (50%!) percent of all of these beautiful album sales will now go directly to fund our projects to support children waiting for families.

Tamara Lackey, Lush Albums, Portrait Photography, Fundy Design Software, Beautiful Together

Our main reason for this change is because in the past year we have had a lot more hands-on experience with Beautiful Together, being on the ground with the organization, and we are so inspired by the ways we can help. We are constantly updating our project page and adding to how Beautiful Together helps children waiting for families all over the world.

Tamara Lackey, Tamara Lackey Photography

We have also gotten so much positive feedback about the albums themselves!
Lush Albums are created in the United States with all three collections, the Velvety Suede, the Soft Linen, and the Zen Silk, made of eco-friendly, animal-friendly materials.


Photo Albums, Lush Albums, Tamara Lackey, Fundy, Beautiful Together

You can check out all the details in this short video we filmed.  And, of course, you can learn much more at Lush Albums, including how to quickly order a sample album or a customized sample album. And, as always, there are many way to helps children waiting for families – just check out our projects and funds at our Beautiful Together website!

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Seven Days, Around the World Photos

A week ago, I was nominated on Facebook to post a photo of the natural world for the next 7 days, which struck me as taking a mini Around the World photos trip for a week. My gut response to this was twofold:
1. I love photos of the natural world, I love to take them and I am inspired when I see them.
2. Ummm, that seems like a whole lot of extra work just now when we have so much going on in the studio (We are moving! Lots more to come on that in a future post).

But traveling is one of my favorite things ever, and I have been fortunate in that I have traveled around the world more than a few times with my camera. I DO love this photograph I shot while at Yellowstone National Park, relatively local – or at least in the same country (and it was a #TravelTuesday on Facebook, after all). And I am struck by how a late afternoon sun mixed with a still-blue sky can also combine with the surreal hot springs of the area, with all that fog and warm spray from the gushing geysers and the oily, bubbling streams that run across this burnt-out Wyoming land – and next thing I know I had posted my Day 1 photo. So I was clearly in, off and running.



(Shot with Nikon D810, 24-70 2.8 at f/13.)


Day 2 – this is one of my very favorites from a drive through the south of France two summers ago. This image strikes me as a reminder from the universe that we are all here to experience sunshine, lightness, and joy, if we just do our best to stand tall, lift our heads and look for it. (Then repeat as often as necessary.)


(Shot with Nikon D800 24-70 2.8)


Day 3 – The sheer power, deafening sound, and far-reaching spray of the waterfalls in Iceland make them quite worth the muddy hike behind them, even if I did get way more soaked taking this shot than I’d guessed I would.

(Shot with Nikon D810, 24-70 2.8.)

(Shot with Nikon D810, 24-70 2.8.)


Day 4 – Something completely different from the previous day’s dark moody, powerful waterfall in Iceland. This was from a bright, dreamy hike through Rabbit Ears Pass of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, which is gorgeously abundant with all kinds of wildflowers in the summer:


around the world in photos, Tamara Lackey Photography, Colorado

Nikon D810, 24-70 2.8


Day 5 – Breathtakingly clear view from a a seriously stunning hike in Queenstown, New Zealand that I shot several years ago. I remember thinking at the time: 1. This is crazy beautiful. 2. I’m hungry. 3. I think I’m taking far too many photographs 4. I’m really, really hungry.



Day 6 – A photograph from a train stop en route from Lake Como, Italy to Interlaken, Switzerland, using all the tricks to get as reflection-free a shot as I could get through one of their huge picture windows (which I was glued to for the duration of the ride anyway).

Train + window seat + headphones + music = my favorite way to travel. Like, ever.


(Shot with Nikon D810, 24-70 2.8 at f16)


Day 7 – I shot this photograph at El Cajas, in Ecuador, where my youngest daughter was born and where we lived for close to two months. I photographed this image on a rainy, chilly and overall a quite shivery day. I was covering my camera as best I could, but all the mist from this cloud forest kept dampening my lens. I’d wipe it down, keep it under my jacket, move to a new spot, dial in new settings from instinct and then fire off a shot as soon as I had my camera stable since I was shooting handheld. My family waited in the car until I got the shot I wanted, and then we found a little shelter at a place selling hot chocolate, with llama milk. I didn’t even know that was a thing until they’d offered it. I went with hot tea.



So, turns out that what started as a questionable request ended up turning into a very fun trip around the world again, or at least a 7-day recap of one. I have many, many more photos on my website, as well. And lots more to share – more of that coming soon.

Glad for the nudge.

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Nikon D5 Review

Tamara Lackey —  May 2, 2016

My Nikon D5 Review (or at least a first look!)



I jokingly posted on facebook the other day that I needed to stop petting my Nikon D5 so that I could actually go out and shoot with it. But it really wasn’t all a joke because this is truly a beautiful-looking camera, and it feels, from an ergonomic perspective, more comfortable to hold than even before. That being said, I have been having a LOT of fun shooting with it, too ; ) So, here is my Nikon D5 review, showcasing just a bit of what it is capable of, even in the loosest of scenarios.

There has been a bunch of hype around the D5 and much of it has been around the incredible ISO levels it is capable of capturing quite well. I decided to put it to the test in a largely uncontrolled environment – literally, just taking a few shots around my house and neighborhood. Spoiler: oh my goodness, it so does not disappoint. Do note that every image shared here, even those shot at slow shutter speeds and high ISO combinations, were all shot handheld!

Let’s start pretty simply. This is an image I photographed of my daughter, clearly about to be attacked by a variety of assorted animals living just above her, all while she was innocently about to go to sleep. As you can see, she looks exhausted, like she does every night when she’s about to go to sleep ;).

The “trick” with this photograph, though, is that there are no lights on in her room, only light coming in from the hallway while I am standing in the doorway taking this photograph – as well as some moonlight coming in through the window. The reason it looks a lot brighter is because I’m shooting this at an ISO of 8000. There is no additive light. The full specs are as follows: 1/160th, f2.5, ISO 8000:


Tamara-Lackey-Nikon-d5-Review 6

It progressively gets better. Here is a shot of my son. I also checked in on him, while he’s clearly near sound asleep (ahem). In this image, the only light is coming from a dimmed setting from the bathroom light, just off his room, which he is looking towards. This was shot at 10,000 ISO, also with no additive light. The full specs are 1/40, f1.4, ISO 10,000. It is actually a little over exposed, as you can see there is some loss of detail in the highlights on his teeth. I couldn’t believe that I would even have to think about over-exposing an image in this dark of a room while I was getting this type of image quality out of the camera.


Tamara-Lackey-Nikon-d5-Review 3

To really play with the Nikon D5 ISO capabilities, I dimmed the bathroom light fully and cranked up the ISO to 51,200 – and I achieved this rather bright capture, again with no additive light, in a very dark room. Full specs are: 1/100, f1.4, ISO 51,200!


Tamara-Lackey-Nikon-d5-Review 4

Okay, so now I just started feeling a bit spoiled with what I could do with this camera. I checked in on my oldest who was also going to be sound asleep, just like her sister and brother (because we are great parents, and they always listen to everything we say, all the time). Even though she was in slumberland, she oddly was also holding up an iPhone and FaceTiming with her friend. So weird.
Note: the only light in the room AT ALL was the light from her phone. Her blinds and door are closed, and her overhead light is off. It’s DARK in there. But this is what I was able to capture at 64,000 ISO. I couldn’t help but notice that the clarity of the image was even more dramatic with just the pop of light from the phone, which was even dimmed, so she could better act like she was sleeping. And the color capture at 64,000! The full specs of this shot are: 1/125, f1.6, ISO 64,000:

Tamara-Lackey-Nikon-d5-Review 5

And, seriously, because the quality of this image is slightly insane when you consider it was shot at 64,000, I’m just going to paste one of these specs directly in here – just for fun:

Tamara Lackey, Nikon D5 Review, Tamara Lackey Photography
And, lastly, a “super” uncontrolled shot. This is a photograph taken on our back porch, a candid shot taken of my husband in conversation with friends, so also with movement, in extraordinarily low light, with a slow shutter speed, handheld – which normally means full blur. Note: there is only some very slight ambient light coming from a small string of lights lining the porch, no additive light whatsoever. Just to compare, I took the same shot with my iPhone and am sharing them side by side here. I tried to do the exact same pop of brightness and “auto color” function to them both. I got a boost in the D5 photo, which was shot as a jpeg – I could only get to this with the iPhone before it completely fell apart. The specs on the D5 shot are: 1/40, f1.4, ISO 40,000:

Tamara Lackey, Nikon D5 Review, Tamara Lackey Photography

I could go on and on about the ISO; it’s seriously stunning. And one of my favorite redesign aspects of the D5 is that the ISO button is now an easy-to-reach button on the top of the camera, which makes perfect sense, as it will be utilized so much more often.

There’s a LOT more to the camera than mega high ISO capabilities, though. The speedy capture rate is now even more blazingly fast than ever.  It’s not just the fantastic shutter capabilities, but the frame rate for raw files is pretty nutty, especially when using the XQD cards (more on that here:…/what-is-xqd-and-why-should-i-use), which have faster transfer rates than any other memory card. But with frame rates of 12 shots per second and literally up to a couple hundred shots in a single burst … bejeebus, you can do so much with that.

Here are some fun shots of some of our awesome neighbor kids – and one of mine – throwing water balloons at each other. Again, there is no additive lights on these, no strobes, no controls of any kind (other than shooting in full manual mode, of course). You can not only see the balloons break as they hit their targets, but you can see them just before they break, as they break, after they break – every part of it in sharp detail and strong focus. Oh, and that’s another big shift with the Nikon D5, the super sharp, redesigned focusing system. I also cropped in on a few of these JPEG (Oh, and yes, these were all shot as jpegs, except for the last two images shown in this post!). The “20.8MP Fx-format CMOS image sensor and ExPEED 5 image processing” does its job superbly.

Tamara-Lackey-Nikon-d5-Review 7 Tamara-Lackey-Nikon-d5-Review 8

Lastly, there is the gorgeous image quality, which includes fantastic color and way RICH toning right out of the camera. I shoot everything in a neutral picture control, and these two shots only got a quick boost in photoshop after they downloaded (and downloaded quickly – thank you, XQD’s). These were the only two images that were shot in RAW:


So, there you go, a quick Nikon D5 review, although there will be much, much more to come. With a full workshop this week in our studio (all were sold out, next upcoming has just opened and is scheduled for early October!), an editorial shoot, new Beautiful Together work and a handful of portrait sessions all coming up very soon, this camera will get quite the workout. And I am quite happy about that, as it is just a fun camera to use. I look forward to sharing more soon!


Tamara Lackey, Beautiful Together

An update on Beautiful Together & the Build An Orphan Feeding Kitchen Project

Beautiful-Together-Update-Korah-Kitchen-Tamara-Lackey-Photography 10

In February, my husband, Steve, and I flew from Dubai to Ethiopia. Almost immediately upon landing in Africa, we learned of the urgent need for a kitchen in the new feeding center in Korah that Beautiful Together helps to support through our partner organization, Life To Live for Korah, a grassroots feeding program in the village.

More specifics from our project page here:

“Korah is one of the poorest communities in the world, built around a large trash dump that people have used for years to find food and to scrap plastics for money. Originally a small community for lepers, Korah has now grown to over 120,000 people, all within a few miles’ radius.

One month ago, the trash dump was moved away from Korah. This was for a good reason, so new government programs could create energy from the trash. But the removal of the trash dump has been absolutely devastating for the people of Korah, who had depended on the mountains of trash to mine for scraps and food.

Suddenly children and families, who were barely getting by, now have no possible way to generate monies needed to buy the even the smallest portions of food and clean water. And those children without families, those who have relied on relatives and villagers, are now the most vulnerable of all.”

Beautiful-Together-Update-Korah-Kitchen-Tamara-Lackey-Photography 2

We immediately set up the Build an Orphan Feeding Kitchen project, and the response was overwhelmingly amazing. In just a few days, we were at 200% of our goal, and that number kept climbing! That enabled us to immediately shop for appliances and fixtures and lock down additional needed items while we were still on the ground in Africa.

And, side note, I also learned that you sometimes have to go to over a dozen stores to find a water filter that you can purchase, since nearly all of them are just for display only.
(Who knew?!)

Beautiful-Together-Update-Korah-Kitchen-Tamara-Lackey-Photography 6 Beautiful-Together-Update-Korah-Kitchen-Tamara-Lackey-Photography 7 Beautiful-Together-Update-Korah-Kitchen-Tamara-Lackey-Photography 8

We also had the opportunity to visit more homes throughout Korah and film some of the conversations we had with people throughout the village. In the video below, I was able to chat with a young widow with two small children in her home. She lives in one of the many “plastic houses,” homes where the walls are simple sheets of plastic, or coverings found from industrial wrappings (like a very large bag of rice).

We learned later that she and her family are receiving support, which is wonderful. There are so very many families like hers, and we would very much like to create an income-generating opportunity for them.

Due to the additional donations—and the imminent food crisis in Korah—we were able to move forward immediately with what was originally considered a longer-term plan. We started making plans to purchase a separate, larger oven that can be used for baking, invest in additional bread-making supplies, and open a small bakery just a few minutes away from the care center. That will (1) allow women in the town to go to work, (2) supply these people some daily food, (3) give a community that currently has no easy way to buy bread a bakery nearby, (4) create an opportunity for these individuals to make money (keep impoverished families together/LESS ORPHANS) that will also be shared with the feeding center … to (5) support more children.

We have also made some great strides in securing distribution connections for roasted coffee. More news to come on that very soon, which includes the emergence of a new coffee shop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina that will have close ties to Beautiful Together.

Beautiful-Together-Update-Korah-Kitchen-Tamara-Lackey-Photography 3 Beautiful-Together-Update-Korah-Kitchen-Tamara-Lackey-Photography 4 Beautiful-Together-Update-Korah-Kitchen-Tamara-Lackey-Photography 5 Beautiful-Together-Update-Korah-Kitchen-Tamara-Lackey-Photography 9

We also filmed a tour and walkthrough of the new space that Life to Live for Korah has leased. Check out my conversation with Cherenet, who runs this feeding program in Ethiopia, to see what we started with when setting out to start building a new kitchen. You can see the whole walkthrough of the space in this video:

After we left Ethiopia, things kept progressing quickly in Korah – and the developments have been incredible. Changes included ripping out the blue plastic walls surrounding the rooms, clearing out the ground, laying concrete, and installing clean new flooring in the kitchen.

The biggest shift is that the new kitchen capabilities will allow for more children to be fed every week – and for them to be fed more often.


Beautiful Together, Tamara Lackey Photography, Korah, Ethiopia, Tamara Lackey

When I got back, I shared this video of this adorable little girl who is just one of the children who is a part of the Feeding Fund that Beautiful Together is grateful to support. I absolutely *love* her incredibly shy smile, her sweet little voice, and what she shares as her favorite food:

If you haven’t seen a lot of these faces, you can check out this short Animoto video describing the program and showing more photographs of the children.

And here are the very latest images of the kitchen and the feeding program, starting with a before & after of the kitchen! It’s definitely coming along, which is pretty incredible:


Before and After, Beautiful Together, Tamara Lackey Photography, Korah, Ethiopia, Tamara Lackey

Beautiful Together, Tamara Lackey Photography, Korah, Ethiopia, Tamara Lackey

Beautiful Together, Tamara Lackey Photography, Korah, Ethiopia, Tamara Lackey

I can’t stress enough how much every donation counts. The Beautiful Together websiteFacebook page, and Twitter account have the most up-to-date project information, and we work hard to keep them all current, including the specific Korah Feeding Kitchen Fund.

Also, we’ve been honored to have various photographers and friends from around the country organize events and give back a percentage directly to Beautiful Together; you can learn more about them by simply scrolling to the bottom of this page. (We have even been able to sell some very cool-looking and great-quality merchandise to support our efforts!)

And now there is another great, new way to do something great for yourself and for others:


Our newest Beautiful Together partnership is with Story First Blogging, blogging templates for the professional photographer. Their process is built to help photographers find the words for each blog post using a system of forms and client questionnaires that you can purchase and use in your photography business. They give back 50% of each sale with the code: BeautifulTogether. Their goal is to help photographers find their client stories with each blog post, and we love how in-line that is with our mission to help families find their stories. They are also quite good at what they do, which doesn’t hurt.

Thank you, Story First Blogging, for caring!

It truly takes a village, and I am so appreciative of the support we receive from all parts of the world, in addition to the encouragement and backing from friends and family. I am looking forward to seeing how these improvements will help not only the orphans but the entire population of Korah.

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Live Photo Critique with Nations Photo Lab – Friday, April 22nd at 12PM EST

I will be joining up with Nations Photo Lab next Friday, April 22nd at 12PM EST for a live print critique, and we’ll be inviting a few of you to join us on the live broadcast, and to get some of your work printed for free! : )

To submit your image for review, simply post your photo on this Facebook Post before Monday, April 18th. Be sure to register by clicking here – and please note, space is limited, but all registrants will be sent a recording of the event following the conclusion of the webinar.

Nations Photo Lab, Tamara Lackey Photography

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Nikon School: Family Photos – Capturing the Moments on April 7, 2016

I recently visited the Nikon headquarters in Melville, NY for another fantastic Nikon Ambassadors Summit.  I really enjoy being a part of such an extraordinarily talented group of creative individuals. We had fun hanging together and spent time learning all about some (exciting!) upcoming releases. And now I get to head back in a few days to host a special workshop as part of the esteemed Nikon School.

I’ll be speaking on family photography (and getting the most from your camera!) the evening of Thursday, April 7th near Nikon HQ at the Huntington Hilton Hotel also in Melville.

You can register to join us for a Thursday evening of instruction, conversation, and exploring all kinds of cameras and lenses – plus lots of Q&A at

They even gave me a family and friends code: FBFAM20* to get an additional 20% off!

I hope to see you there : )


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